Talk Like Ted

Carmine Gallo St. Martin's Press

Ideas are the currency of the twenty-first century. In order to succeed, you need to be able to sell your ideas persuasively. This ability is the single greatest skill that will help you accomplish yo

ISBN10 : 1466837276 , ISBN13 : 9781466837270

Page Number : 288

Unbearable Lightness

Portia de Rossi Simon and Schuster

"I didn't decide to become anorexic. It snuck up on me disguised as a healthy diet, a professional attitude. Although there was a certain glamour to anorexics, I didn't want to be one. I just wanted t

ISBN10 : 1849835276 , ISBN13 : 9781849835275

Page Number : 320

Ted Talks

Chris Anderson Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

A New York Times Bestseller For anyone who has ever been inspired by a TED talk… ...this is an insider’s guide to creating talks that are unforgettable. Since taking over TED in the early 2000s, C

ISBN10 : 0544664361 , ISBN13 : 9780544664364

Page Number : 288

Toasting Cheers

Dennis A. Bjorklund Praetorian Publishing

This comprehensive reference work first presents an historical overview of the program. Biographies of the show's performers are followed by biographies of the characters. An exhaustive episode guide

ISBN10 : 0899509622 , ISBN13 : 9780899509624

Page Number : 407


Dan Ariely Simon and Schuster

Bestselling author Dan Ariely reveals fascinating new insights into motivation—showing that the subject is far more complex than we ever imagined. Every day we work hard to motivate ourselves, the p

ISBN10 : 1501120050 , ISBN13 : 9781501120053

Page Number : 128

The Mathematics Of Love

Hannah Fry Simon and Schuster

Uses math as a tool for explaining the complicated patterns of love, tackling such common questions as the chance of finding love that will last, how online dating works, and when to compromise.

ISBN10 : 1476784884 , ISBN13 : 9781476784885

Page Number : 128

The Art Of Stillness

Pico Iyer Simon and Schuster

Explores why modern-day technology is making people more likely to retreat into solitude and quiet, with growing numbers of people practicing yoga, meditation and tai chi and even taking an “Interne

ISBN10 : 1476784728 , ISBN13 : 9781476784724

Page Number : 96

The Art Of Asking

Amanda Palmer Grand Central Publishing

Rock star, crowdfunding pioneer, and TED speaker Amanda Palmer knows all about asking. Performing as a living statue in a wedding dress, she wordlessly asked thousands of passersby for their dollars.

ISBN10 : 1455581070 , ISBN13 : 9781455581078

Page Number : 224