Darkly Dreaming Dexter

Jeff Lindsay Hachette UK

Introducing Dexter Morgan, a serial killer to fall in love with... Dexter Morgan isn't exactly the kind of man you'd bring home to your mum. At heart, he's the perfect gentleman: he has a shy girlfrie

ISBN10 : 1409117278 , ISBN13 : 9781409117278

Page Number : 304

Double Dexter

Jeff Lindsay Vintage Books

Forensic analyst and nighttime vigilante Dexter Morgan discovers that he is being followed by a killer who is copying his methods, an adversary whom Dexter seeks to outmaneuver using his trademark kna

ISBN10 : 0307474933 , ISBN13 : 9780307474933

Page Number : 337

Dexter Is Dead

Jeff Lindsay Vintage Crime/Black Lizard

After seven national bestsellers and eight seasons as one of the most successful shows on television, New York Times bestselling author Jeff Lindsay bids a thrilling farewell to his uniquely twisted a

ISBN10 : 0385536542 , ISBN13 : 9780385536547

Page Number : 304

Dexter S Final Cut

Jeff Lindsay Vintage Crime/Black Lizard

With 1.7 million copies of the Dexter novels sold, and ever-increasing critical acclaim, Jeff Lindsay returns to his groundbreaking and beloved character with his most entertaining book yet. Get ready

ISBN10 : 0385536526 , ISBN13 : 9780385536523

Page Number : 368

The Psychology Of Dexter

Bella DePaulo BenBella Books, Inc.

Dexter Morgan: Police forensic analyst. Family man. Serial killer. And the star of Showtime’s most-watched series, Dexter. Aimed at Dexter devotees and armchair psychologists, The Psychology of Dext

ISBN10 : 1935618334 , ISBN13 : 9781935618331

Page Number : 265

Dearly Devoted Dexter

Jeff Lindsay Hachette UK

Dexter Morgan: forensic analyst, serial killer and ... family man? Miami's best-dressed serial killer is back and on the prowl, at least he would be if he could shake off his permanent shadow. Ever si

ISBN10 : 1409117286 , ISBN13 : 9781409117285

Page Number : 304

Dexter In The Dark

Jeff Lindsay Hachette UK

No rest for the wicked - the serial killer with a heart is back . . . Dexter Morgan is busy planning his wedding to Rita to complete his nice-guy disguise. But when a student is found burnt, molested

ISBN10 : 1409117294 , ISBN13 : 9781409117292

Page Number : 320

The Battle Of Bretton Woods

Benn Steil Princeton University Press

When turmoil strikes world monetary and financial markets, leaders invariably call for 'a new Bretton Woods' to prevent catastrophic economic disorder and defuse political conflict. The name of the re

ISBN10 : 1400846579 , ISBN13 : 9781400846573

Page Number : 464

Dexter Is Delicious

Jeff Lindsay Hachette UK

Even serial killers have family... Everything's changing for our friendly neighbourhood serial killer. As if getting married wasn't enough to complete his nice-guy persona, Dexter is now the proud fat

ISBN10 : 1409113485 , ISBN13 : 9781409113485

Page Number : 304

The Forever War

Dexter Filkins Vintage

National Bestseller One of the Best Books of the Year: New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Boston Globe, and Time An instant classic of war reporting, The Forever War is the

ISBN10 : 0307270343 , ISBN13 : 9780307270344

Page Number : 384