Writing Art History

Margaret Iversen University of Chicago Press

Since art history is having a major identity crisis as it struggles to adapt to contemporary global and mass media culture, this book intervenes in the struggle by laying bare the troublesome assumpti

ISBN10 : 0226388263 , ISBN13 : 9780226388267

Page Number : 243

Learning To Look

Joshua C. Taylor University of Chicago Press

An illustrated beginner's guide to the visual arts examines specific art works, studies expression and construction of art, and discusses creative and technical processes of art

ISBN10 : 9780226791548 , ISBN13 : 0226791548

Page Number : 173

Likeness And Presence

Hans Belting University of Chicago Press

Before the Renaissance and Reformation, holy images were treated not as "art" but as objects of veneration which possessed the tangible presence of the Holy. In this magisterial book, Hans Belting tra

ISBN10 : 9780226042152 , ISBN13 : 0226042154

Page Number : 651

The Prestige

Christopher Priest Macmillan

After clashing in the dark during a fraudulent sance in 1878, two young stage magicians find their lives deteriorating into webs of deceit and revelation as they vie to outwit and expose one another.

ISBN10 : 9780765317346 , ISBN13 : 0765317346

Page Number : 368

Before Pictures

Douglas Crimp

This is a spirited memoir splashed with color, by Douglas Crimp, a much-loved member of New York City s arts and gay communities.The memoir is a picaresque tale of a young gay man and art critic in Ne

ISBN10 : 9780226423456 , ISBN13 : 022642345X

Page Number : 288