Against All Odds (The Lone Star Reloaded Series Book 6)

Against All Odds (The Lone Star Reloaded Series Book 6)


Stranded in the past in 1836, Will Travers woke up in the body of William Barret Travis, commander of the doomed Alamo command, and did what any self-respecting Texan would do when handed a bag of lemons: He made lemonade – defeating Santa Anna’s army, twice, forging a lasting peace with the Comanche and rescuing his son from a band of kidnappers.

Sixteen years later and just months after he wins the presidency of the Republic of Texas, Will faces the worst crisis of his life. The young republic is being torn apart by civil war. On paper, it appears Will holds all the cards: The rebels are outnumbered, outgunned and outgeneraled. There’s only one problem. To the east, a desperate foe is rising, and like a hurricane, a filibustering expedition from the South threatens to sweep away everything that Will has worked to build.


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