American History: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About…

American History: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About...


From the founding of the United States of America government to the present-day challenges, this clearly explained text is a perfect guide for anyone who wants to be knowledgeable about the history of America and its democracy. As it goes through the sequence of the events of the past, it provides readers with the analysis necessary to make them more engaged and appreciative participants in the American future.
This book was designed for those who want to develop a better understanding of America’s founding, economic and cultural growth, the political and social challenges it went through, as well as the relationships between different historical events. The content is focused on an essential review of all the important facts and events within the U.S. history.
You will learn about historical figures and important events that established the foundations of American government, the meaning and significance of the various social movements, as well as how each important historical event shaped the country’s cultural heritage and political development. For systematized learning, the content is divided into three historical periods and is centered around five focus areas: political history, economic history, social history, intellectual and cultural history, and foreign policy. This context-based approach to studying American history is more engaging than a raw fact-based approach.
Created by highly qualified history teachers, scholars and education specialists, this book educates and empowers both the average and the highly informed American, helping them develop and increase their understanding of American history.

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