Anxiety, Worry, OCD and Panic Attacks – The Defini…

Anxiety, Worry, OCD and Panic Attacks - The Defini...

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From the heart and soul of lifelong mental health sufferer, Adam Shaw, and the expert mind of the renowned psychologist, Lauren Callaghan, this book for young people suffering from anxiety and OCD (ages 6yrs to 17yrs) and their parents and caregivers, is divided into two helpful parts.

Part I explores how Adam struggled with OCD, anxiety and panic attacks as a child, and explains what needed to be done to ensure his path to recovery and beyond. Part II is the treatment and recovery approach for children and young people.

Adam’s first-hand experience and Lauren’s compassionate approach make this a genuinely family-friendly guide. It is an innovative, user-friendly self-help approach which supports and guides children and teenagers who suffer from anxiety and OCD to recovery and beyond. It also includes practical advice and guidance for parents and caregivers.

This complete guide gives you and your family a user-friendly blueprint for mental health support and recovery.

Anxiety, Worry, OCD and Panic Attacks - The Defini...

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