Parenting 101 – 150 Tips for Successful Parenting

Parenting 101 - 150 Tips for Successful Parenting


Cars come with operator’s instructions, your new phone has an operator’s manual, even a breakfast pastry comes with instructions! But a baby, well that’s another story altogether. When a mother gives birth to her child, she’s showered with cards, flowers, gifts and well-wishes…but no instructions. 

Moms and dads are just expected to know what to do. After all, their precious little bundle was created in love and we all ‘know’ that love is all you need, right? Wrong!

We’re not talking about the ‘biggies’; developmental milestones, medical conditions and nobrainers such as not feeding steak to a baby. No, we’re talking about the ‘little things’ like bedtime, manners, picky eaters, friends and such. 

Parenting 101 recognizes the need and desire parents have for advice on all those ‘little things’ that make up the bulk of everyday parenting, because as parents ourselves, we know these ‘little things’ aren’t so little. 

Parenting 101 covers all aspects of child-rearing in brief, simple terms that are quick to read, easy to understand and realistically implemented into your parenting plan (who has time to read pages on parenting, right). And Parenting 101 doesn’t just stop when your baby starts school. The book will take you from infancy through high school! 

Some of the topics covered include: welcoming baby home, responsibility/chores, pets, school, friendships, eating habits, decision making and the parent/child relationship.

Let Parenting 101 be your new go-to encouragement and advice. And if you know a mother-tobe, why not give her a gift she’ll be able to use long after the bibs and blankets have been packed away.

Parenting 101 - 150 Tips for Successful Parenting

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