The People Next Door

The People Next Door


A woman returns to the small community where she was raised upon learning the death of her grandmother. She finds out her grandmother was wealthy and left it all to her. A developer wants to buy the land in which many of her grandmother’s rental properties are located. She has a decision to take the money or rebuild her old neighborhood. While visiting her old community she is given a journal which was kept by her grandmother with the detailed history of every tenant who’d ever lived in her rentals. Hidden secrets and dirty drama is exposed because Grandma’s book tells who shot who, who the real baby’s daddy is, what really happened when…., and the all the hidden scandals of their neighborhood. Most importantly, The People Next Door, details how national issues in the 80’s changed the direction of the progressive Black community in America. As racism and economic oppression haunted Urban communities all over the country, this community fought adversity together.


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