Time Travel Romance: Medieval Love: Reunited by Da…

Time Travel Romance: Medieval Love: Reunited by Da...

A Time Travel Romance – Medieval Love: Reunited by Dagger Heart Spell

Elise is a present day, high-priced career thief, whose services are sought by the wealthy and anonymous around the globe, and are commissioned through her mysterious employer Mr. Smith. The latest assignment request presented to her from Mr. Smith, is the request to retrieve a man’s heart. Once this revelation is disclosed, Elise has serious reservations and declines the assignment, that is until her employer Mr. Smith assures her that it is not for the retrieval of an actual human heart, and that the assignment pays a generous commission fee of two million dollars.

Against all her better judgement and intuition, Elise accepts the assignment, where she finds herself suddenly wrapped up in what feels like a bizarre time travel like experience, and she questions both her sanity as well as whether or not her mysterious employer Mr. Smith has set her up.

The assignment goes terribly wrong, and Elise finds herself being held captive by a pair who act as if they are living in a different era, and feed her a story dating back one thousand years ago that they are convinced Elise was a part of. Elise begins to question whether she’s being fed mind-altering drugs during her captivity in order to play along with the pair’s outlandish scheme, until a series of incidents start to trigger an overwhelming feeling of deja vu.

With two failed escape attempts, Elise is mentally frustrated and physically weakened, and to make matters worse, she finds herself strangely drawn to her captor Mr. Andris Blackstone, the very same man who had commissioned her services through her employer Mr. Smith.

Desperate to be released, Elise makes a deal with Mr. Andris Blackstone. His request is simple, and if she complies, he will allow her to leave, along with the full two million dollars she was promised. Things don’t go quite as Elise had planned, and a memory from one thousand years ago is suddenly returned to her, along with something else she certainly wasn’t expecting. A return of something so sacred, it took the clandestine efforts of those she knew in a previous lifetime to fulfill.

Chapter 1: Assignment of the Heart
Chapter 2: Manor Mission
Chapter 3: Meet Lord Blackstone
Chapter 4: No Escape
Chapter 5: Revelations
Chapter 6: Silver Box

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Time Travel Romance: Medieval Love: Reunited by Da...

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