Essentials of Cognitive Neuroscience

Essentials of Cognitive NeuroscienceEssentials of Cognitive NeuroscienceEssentials of Cognitive Neuroscience


Essentials of Cognitive Neuroscience guides undergraduate and early-stage graduate students with no previous neuroscientific background through the fundamental principles and themes in a concise, organized, and engaging manner.

  • Provides students with the foundation to understand primary literature, recognize current controversies in the field, and engage in discussions on cognitive neuroscience and its future
  • Introduces important experimental methods and techniques integrated throughout the text
  • Assists student comprehension through four-color images and thorough pedagogical resources throughout the text
  • Accompanied by a robust website with multiple choice questions, experiment vidoes, fMRI data, web links and video narratives from a global group of leading scientists for students. For Instructors there are sample syllabi and exam questions

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