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African Medicine: A Guide to Yoruba Divination and Herbal Medicine

[ad_1] This amazing book consolidates African spiritual science and holistic healing into something comprehensive and usable to help you achieve total holistic health. African medicine clearly explains the principles and practical applications of an ancient West African healing system developed by the Yoruba people. It discusses the history, philosophy, Diagnostics, treatments, and medicinal usage of… Read More »

Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods: Save Yourself and the Ones You Love with the Hidden Healing Powers of Fruits & Vegetables

[ad_1] The highly anticipated new release from the groundbreaking, New York Times best-selling author of Medical Medium! Experience the next level of medical revelations. Packed with information you won’t find anywhere else about the Unforgiving Four—the threats responsible for the rise of illness—and the miraculous power of food to heal, this book gives you the… Read More »

Healing, Intention and Energy Medicine: Science, Research Methods and Clinical Implications

[ad_1] Clear and authoritative, this unique book explores the results and clinical implications of research in spiritual healing, energy medicine, and the effects of intentionality. Rigorously evaluating the science of healing intention, it also makes recommendations for future research and investigations on the impact of spiritual healing practices in the clinical setting. Provides the most… Read More »

The Definitive Guide to Cancer, 3rd Edition: An Integrative Approach to Prevention, Treatment, and Healing (Alternative Medicine Guides)

[ad_1]This comprehensive guide delivers informed hope along with effective tools for reclaiming your vitality in the midst of cancer treatment, healing, and recovery. When you or a loved one is faced with a cancer diagnosis, the need for accurate and trusted medical information becomes urgent. Naturopathic physician Lise N. Alschuler and medical journalist Karolyn A.… Read More »

Chris Beat Cancer: A Comprehensive Plan for Healing Naturally

[ad_1]Colon cancer survivor who opted out of chemotherapy after surgery provides the toxin-free diet, lifestyle, and therapy guidelines he used to help himself heal. Two days before Christmas and at 26 years old, Chris Wark was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. He had surgery to remove a golf ball-sized tumor and a third of… Read More »

Blood Pressure Log: 53 Weeks of Daily Readings with Space for 4 Readings a Day with Time, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Weight, & Comments (Health and Fitness Logs)

[ad_1]Keep a daily record of your blood pressure, heart rate, weight and notes all in one place with this compact Blood Pressure Record Book. Undated – fill in the Year, Month and Week Starting Portable 6in x 9in size – easy to take with you Dark, matte, leather-look cover 53 Weeks run Monday to Sunday… Read More »

Health and Healing from the Medieval Garden

[ad_1] The important and ever-shifting role of medicinal plants in medieval science, art, culture, and thought, both in the Latin Western medical tradition and in Byzantine and medieval Arabic medicine, is the focus of this new collection. Following a general introduction and a background chapter on Late Antique and medieval theories of wellness and therapy,… Read More »

Cholinergic Urticaria: A Guide to Chronic Heat Hives

[ad_1] At age 18, Ben’s life took a dramatic turn when he developed cholinergic urticaria–a hives disorder that reacts to heat. Over the next decade, he struggled to find ways to manage the condition, often trying various remedies in the process. Eventually, his hives became so severe that he couldn’t even do basic day-to-day tasks.… Read More »

My Invisible Cosmic Zebra Has Lyme Disease—Now What?

[ad_1] If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed or clueless about how to navigate through life after being diagnosed with Lyme disease, an invisible illness, “My Invisible Cosmic Zebra Has Lyme Disease–Now What?” is for you. The creative “how to” workbook aims to make invisibility no longer a disability for those managing an invisible illness. Written from a non-medical perspective,… Read More »

Prescription for Herbal Healing: An Easy-to-Use A-Z Reference to Hundreds of Common Disorders and Their Herbal Remedies

[ad_1]The popularity of herbal medicine has exploded during the past decade, with herbal remedies becoming increasingly available in such conventional outlets as drugstores and even supermarkets. Prescription for Herbal Healing brings to herbal medicine the same in-depth, easy-to-understand information and accessible style that Prescription for Nutritional Healing successfully brought to diet and nutritional supplements. This… Read More »

Natural Relief for Anxiety and Stress: A Practical Guide

[ad_1] Are you looking for natural options to use for anxiety and stress but don’t know what they are or what dosage is safe and effective? Now there’s a quick consult self-help book that goes beyond describing which herbs, vitamins, and nutrients help specific ailments. In this book, you’ll find the best ways to take… Read More »

Food Journal and Blood Sugar Log: Diabetic Diet Plans for Weight Loss ,Blood Sugar and Meal Tracker Weekly in 53 Weeks ,Diabetes Code ,Blood Sugar … type 2 ( Volume 13 ) (Blood Sugar Diary)

[ad_1] Food Journal and Blood Sugar Log It is included enough extra space pages for recording food and nutritional totals, blood sugar for an entire year for people with diabetes to control diet and weight loss. So easy for you and your doctor to see your diabetes number Monitor your blood sugar 4 times a day. … Read More »

The Healing Effects of Energy Medicine: Memoirs of a Medical Intuitive

[ad_1]In this book, Shannon McRae, a gifted clairvoyant and healer, weaves case stories with cutting-edge science to describe her remarkable work with clients at the cellular level, from healing a headache and repairing an eardrum to removing cancer and alleviating depression.Working in the tradition of Dora Kunz and Delores Krieger, cofounders of Therapeutic Touch, McRae… Read More »

Gua sha: A Traditional Technique for Modern Practice

[ad_1] This is the first English language book on the ancient therapeutic technique ‘Gua Sha’. It is a technique commonly used in Asia and Southeast Asia by TCM practitioners, Chinese families and individuals who know and use it as part of their ‘health culture’. In Gua Sha, the skin is pressured in strokes i.e. scraped… Read More »

Healing Without Medicine: From Pioneers to Modern Practice

[ad_1] As a man thinketh, so is he–thus is the biblical King Solomon often quoted by proponents of New Thought, one of the most influential native religious movements in America. Albert Amao provides an engaging and serious history of this and related movements from the eighteenth century to the present. His discussion ranges from Phineas… Read More »

Surgical Management of Aortic Pathology: Current Fundamentals for the Clinical Management of Aortic Disease

[ad_1] This book follows the concept of perceiving the entire aorta as one functional organ assuming that all individual pathologies and local interventional procedures affect the up- and downstream segments with consequences for complications and disease progression. Thus any preventive or surgical strategy must recognize the aortic disease in its entirety. The book intends to… Read More »

African American Folk Healing

[ad_1] Cure a nosebleed by holding a silver quarter on the back of the neck. Treat an earache with sweet oil drops. Wear plant roots to keep from catching colds. Within many African American families, these kinds of practices continue today, woven into the fabric of black culture, often communicated through women. Such folk practices… Read More »

Red Sky Anthology: Reading Aloud in Northern Michigan

[ad_1] Fresh, funny, and compassionate, Randy Evans’s border-crossing collection (poetry, short story, fable, play, memoir and novel excerpts) never loses his voice or identity as he shifts from one genre to another. The death, grief, and bereavement of the loss of his wife to breast cancer serve as a central theme, along with hilarious forays… Read More »