Handbook of Medical Neuropsychology: Applications of Cognitive Neuroscience

Handbook of Medical Neuropsychology: Applications of Cognitive Neuroscience


This ambitious and important second edition of the Handbook of Medical Neuropsychology takes an in-depth approach to the medical conditions and methods of neurorehabilitation. Comprehensive in scope and highly detailed in its coverage, the second edition, like the first, characterizes the effects of disease and the impact of interventions in the current state of advanced medicine at a level appropriate both for researchers and for clinicians. Featuring the most up-to-date information and quantitative research on cognitive neuroscience of autism, HIV/AIDS, cancer, head injury, respiratory diseases, endocrine diseases, early birth injury, dementia, and other disorders, the book handles theory, historical background, practical considerations, and controversial areas with evidence based disease indicators, clinical expertise, and real-world insight.  It seeks to critique diagnostic and assessment tools specific to disorders. The new chapters in this inclusive second edition reflect the changes in prominent problems found in the clinic and provide worthy insights for research investigation in their review of:

  • Substance use disorders.
  • Nutrition in neurocognition and mental health.
  • Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.
  • Traumatic brain injury in very early childhood.
  • Cognitive functioning in asthma.
  • The role of mindfulness in neurorehabilitation.

The Handbook of Medical Neuropsychology, 2nd Edition continues to be an essential resource for the neuropsychology clinician, researcher, practitioner or graduate student. It will be stimulating and relevant reading for years to come.

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