Holographic Healing (5 Keys to Nervous System Consciousness Book 1)

Holographic Healing (5 Keys to Nervous System Consciousness Book 1)


In many traditions, light is synonymous with God. Light is synonymous with loving, healing, kindness and enlightenment. Light is the key to consciousness and is how we share this meaningful experience with each other. Just as each cell projects light that extends beyond its physical boundaries, the LightBody is formed deep within the body and extends past the physical frame. I believe the light that extends past the physical body reaches outward and literally plugs the body into the universe, the space around the body. It is the body’s ability to generate a quality of light and brilliance that connects us to the Universe.

In this book you will learn:

– How to understand your body as a holographic healing instrument

– All about the advances in Nervous System rehabilitation

– How to gain abundant health by removing your synthetic chemical burden

– How to save your DNA for future healing

– How to focus on healing and developing the instrument that makes our dreams into reality – our Nervous System!

Dr. George Gonzalez is a renowned lecturer and expert in the activation and expansion of the Nervous System. He has developed a patented, systematic process for evaluating and correcting the Nervous System that began while researching a solution for his wife’s spinal cord injury. The collection of techniques that led to her full recovery became Quantum Neurology® Rehabilitation. This advanced nerve rehabilitation system has provided countless patients improvement in their injury, illness or condition.

Dr. Gonzalez is the author of numerous articles, case studies and video trainings to support the development of Nervous System guided care. He has consulted with companies and has lectured to
thousands of doctors worldwide.

Additionally, he consults doctors who treat amateur and pro-athletes, chronically ill and disabled patients, autism spectrum
disorders, stroke and brain injury repair, to name a few. He has lectured his revolutionary concepts internationally since early 2000.

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