Hope After Stroke for Caregivers and Survivors: The Holistic Guide To Getting Your Life Back

Hope After Stroke for Caregivers and Survivors: The Holistic Guide To Getting Your Life Back


Yes, you can have Hope after Stroke and You Can Get Your Life Back.

Stroke affects approximately 800,000 people yearly, but that’s just a statistic. Did someone you love have a stroke?

Are you desperate for answers?  Confused by the maze of medical terms and treatments?  Uncertain of  what to expect and how to manage the challenges this disability may mean to your relationship and life? 

Hope After Stroke is an easy-to-read, essential and evidence-based resource guide that will answer those questions and much more. Caregivers and survivors will gain simple practical tools and strategies to empower them at each step of recovery including: in the hospital, upon homecoming, and re-entering your community and workplace. Hope After Stroke will help you find the hope, certainty and resolve needed for recovery.

Hope After Stroke shares real-life stories that assist caregivers and stroke survivors in getting their lives back after stroke. You will discover how to: 

  • Develop routines and rituals of self-care that are scientifically proven to improve brain function and overall wellbeing
  • Use simple life hacks to manage your mindset and restore resilience
  • Establish daily practices to improve memory
  • Activate and apply the five known qualities successful “StrokeThrivers” use to recover and find meaning and purpose in their lives after stroke
  • Reduce anxiety without medication by using an evidenced-based self-help tool, EFT- Tapping 
  • Communicate more easily and effectively even with aphasia
  • Ask candid questions about sex and seek resources for sexual issues post stroke 
  • Seek and obtain the best rehabilitative services
  • Communicate effectively with insurance providers, doctors and therapists to maximize recovery and much, much more!

For more than 25 years, Tsgoyna Tanzman has helped 1000’s of stroke survivors and their families answer those questions, recover communication skills and find meaning in their lives after stroke. With compassion, humor, and down-to-earth practicality she focuses on positive outcomes, and makes rehab and recovery a truly transformative experience. Her unique blend of skills as a Speech-Language Pathologist, Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming, and a Life Coach means she utilizes the best practices of the most successful people on the planet. She’s assisted survivors at every stage of their recovery and in every environment including hospitals, residential settings, clinics, home care and finally back into the community and workplace. 

If you want to feel hopeful, empowered, and purposeful in achieving the highest level of recovery then buy Hope After Stroke for Caregivers and Survivors: The Holistic Guide to Getting Your Life Back. 

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