Lucky Stroke: SAH – Thoughts of a Survivor

Lucky Stroke: SAH - Thoughts of a Survivor


Stroke comes without warning.
What happens behind that door to the stroke unit? What is your patient thinking right now at this point in the treatment? What does your stroke recovery plan need from you to bring back your pre-stroke functions?

Author Glenn M. Peach experienced a rare hemorrhagic stroke and is one of the few who survived to tell his story and share the lessons that helped him to heal.

“Health issues had been furthest from my mind. Then my journey began and my horizons were pushed to make room for more emotion as I gained new insights to health and well-being.”
Glenn remembers and shares everything. Lucky Stroke is a personal story dictated by fate, modern medicine, and human understanding.

After reading it, you will have a better understanding of this life threatening and life changing event.

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