Professional Guide to Diseases

Professional Guide to Diseases


Get ready to provide efficient, informed patient care, with the newly updated  Professional Guide to Diseases , 11th Edition . This comprehensive guide offers the causes, signs and symptoms for more than 600 disorders, with expert nursing direction on tests, assessments, diagnosis, treatments, and special considerations.

Whether you are a student preparing for board certification or are a new or experienced nurse, this is vital support for understanding correct treatment of the common conditions seen almost daily.

Build up your ground-floor knowledge of a wide range of common disorders and diseases:
    NEW full-color figures and illustrations
  • Boxed text  on pathophysiology and prevention that helps reinforce difficult concepts
  • Icons that emphasize important concepts: Elderly Tip, Pediatric Tip, Clinical Alert, Life-Threatening Disorder, and Confirming Diagnosis
  • Consistent template  that makes information quick and easy to find yet comprehensive enough to offer complete coverage of a group of similar diseases
  • Expert guidance  that leads you to targeted, cost-effective testing
  • Chapters offer a thorough grounding in:Disorders found in individual body systems – Cardiovascular; respiratory; neurologic; gastrointestinal; hepatobiliary; musculoskeletal; renal and urologic; immune; hematologic; metabolic and nutritional; endocrine; eye; ear, nose and throat; skin; genetic; obstetric and gynecologic; sexual; and psychiatric
  • Malignant neoplasms – Head, neck and spine; thorax; abdomen and pelvis; male and female genitalia; bone, skin and soft tissue; blood and lymph
  • Infection – Gram-positive cocci, gram-negative cocci, gram-positive bacilli, gram-negative bacilli, spirochetes and mycobacteria, mycoses, respiratory viruses, rash-producing viruses, enteroviruses, arbovirus, miscellaneous viruses, rickettsia, protozoa, helminths
  • Trauma – Head, neck and spine, thorax, abdomen, extremities, whole body
  • Updated information on rare diseases, potential agents of bioterrorism, and complementary and alternative therapies for specific conditions, with additional coverage for more than 50 life-threatening disorders
  • Detailed guidance on hundreds of commonly seen disorders and diseases  in easy-to-read language — ideal for both graduate and undergraduate study
  • Offers new nurses the confidence to function fully  while building on-the-unit skills and know-how
  • Small enough size to carry with you  as a solid resource — informative, concise and organized for easy reference

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    • About the Clinical Editor Dr. Laura M. Willis, DNP, APRN-CNP,CMSRN, is a Family Nurse Practitioner at Urbana Family Medicine and Pediatrics in Urbana, Ohio


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