Arrival of the Traveler

Arrival of the Traveler

It’s been a difficult year for Abilene Collins. Since her father’s death, her whirlwind life of adventure and travel has come to an end.

Now, she’s living with her mysterious uncle. He’s a man with secrets, living almost alone in a ridiculously large mansion that he doesn’t own. He doesn’t like questions, and when Lena starts asking after the enigma of his job, it isn’t hard to tell that he’s hiding some family secrets.

Family portraits have been removed from the walls, and areas of the house are off limits. Some rooms even seem to have been walled off completely. No one will talk to her.

The young and ambitious groundskeeper has become her only friend, and one day he tells her that she was stolen from her mother years before. Lena’s family are all telepathic, and that isn’t all. They’re a religious pillar of the Silenti society. Her grandfather has used his religious standing to gain political power, decimating his rivals along with anyone who gets in his way. 

Suddenly thrust into a life of political plots and religious fanatics, Lena finds herself struggling to navigate her own life. Some people aren’t fond of the Darays, and the family has nearly died out through assassination.

It appears Lena is the latest target.

Arrival of the Traveler

Arrival of the Traveler | | 4.5