Evil Shadow Mysteries Box Set

Evil Shadow Mysteries Box Set


If you love mystery thrillers with action, suspense and romance, then Evil Shadows Box Set is for you.

Enjoy these eleven gripping stories with enough twists to keep you turning the pages.


Stanley Douglas, an autistic college student, goes missing one rainy night. However, he returns home ten years later. The detective department in Savannah reopens the case to unravel the mystery of his absence. What is unraveled?


Katrina, daughter of a prominent international diplomat, is kidnapped for ransom in NYC. FBI and NYPD both pursue this case. Will she be found before it is too late?


A series of murders take place inside the rooms at a prominent hotel in Columbus. It is all up to the police department to crack the case. While the murder count continues to increase, there is no way how anyone can know that the killer may be closer to the hotel than people think.


Daniel Harris is a young attorney in town and has no idea why someone would try to assassinate him. As he is recovering in the hospital, the police is doing their investigation. Is Daniel a victim of mistaken identity?


The police get involved when a dead body is found buried in snow. Their investigation leads them to ex-lovers, Rick and Monica.


Ten years ago, 18 year old Caden disappeared after a barn fire on his family farm in rural Oklahoma. No traces of human remains were found. After receiving a tip off, Detective Riley finds the man living a completely different life in Miami. What else does she find?


Mark Janis shoots and attempts to kill Brayden Carter, ex-boyfriend of his partner, Leah Winston. Will Brayden survive the tragedy?


When Ethan and Taylor accidently find out that they’re being cheated on, they decide to take revenge and things get dangerously out of hand. 


Detective McGee and Detective Adams have never come across a case like this. The girls across the street from the dead woman’s place seem innocent but why did their story sound so planned?


A young female sleuth is torn between love & fear, trust & doubt and a desire for happiness. Will she make the right choice?


Detective Russo soon realizes that this simple case is not so simple after all. Just when he thinks that the kidnapping mystery is solved…a new twist enters the mix. Questions and answers swirl and Russo finds himself entrapped in a larger conspiracy. Why is Todd Luck really missing?

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Evil Shadow Mysteries Box Set | | 4.5