Immaculate Infatuation’s Guide to Killing It This …

Immaculate Infatuation's Guide to Killing It This ...

If you find yourself looking at this guide despite having no idea who we are, let us kindly introduce ourselves. We are Chris Stang and Andrew Steinthal, two guys who have full time jobs in the music business and started a website about restaurants in 2009. Let’s just say we eat out a lot, and have strong opinions. Since then, Immaculate Infatuation has quickly become New York City’s go-to resource for honest, relatable perspective on restaurants. We’ve got also a free, award winning app, which you should download.

We put this together to help you get the most of our few fleeting months of New York City sunshine, all while being as gluttonous and irresponsible as possible. Inside you’ll find a handful of new restaurants that we’re excited about, some of the best outdoor dining in town, and a bunch of places we frequent for a drink or two when it’s warm out. Can’t read? Don’t worry. There should be enough hi res photos in here to keep you and/or any four year old entertained for at least an hour or two.

-Summer Restaurants: The New Ones
-Summer Restaurants: Gardens, Patios, and Outdoor Eating
-Summer Drinking: Bars
-Summer Drinking: Wines to Drink When It’s Warm
-Summer Drinking: Beer Gardens
-Summer Doings: Concerts & Music Festivals
-Summer Doings: Food Events
-Summer Doings: Parks & Outdoor Spaces + Eating
-Destination Infatuation: The Hamptons
-Destination Infatuation: The North Fork

Immaculate Infatuation's Guide to Killing It This ...

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