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Looper Movie Review – Film Analysis – ‘Looper’ – Time and Crime, Well Crossed Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis star of the present and future of professional killer Rian Johnson’s twisted mind. Critic Jeannette Catsoulis said that the film’s off-beat presentation and stylistic nihilism make up for the plot holes left over from most travel novels.

The biggest problem with time-travel movies is the many black holes that the plot stumbles into; Some types of viewers, they can be more than a little distracting. While the story moves forward, we’re left to wonder, for example, how a character can safely travel to his future self in the same period – a rare anomaly, despite Spock’s shenanigans in 2009.

Looper Movie Review

, a psychological thriller with more brass than substance, is common among these “Say What?” minutes. Although writer-director Rian Johnson wisely tries to obscure the technical from the individual, that tactic only works if you have a lead that earns our sympathy. It takes time — and Joseph Gordon-Levitt turning into Bruce Willis — for that to happen, but it’s all the motivation we need to forgive the film’s absurdity and enjoy its pulsating display of nihilism.

On Video–willis & Gordon Levitt Sci Fi Time Trip “looper” Worth A Second Look

Narrating his story, Joe (Gordon-Levitt) informs us that it is 2044, and time travel 30 years later. However, it will be punished, so of course only criminals will get it. The unimaginable method of bad guys on the big screen, they use it mostly to give their victims a one-way ticket to the past, where a “looper” like Joe is hiding, ready to kill. Why the future mobster couldn’t put her marks on the time-tested cement boots is unclear.

Ironically, loopers approaching retirement age are also sent to the past to quit, often into their younger bodies. (See “What?” Minutes, above.) If a young murderer stumbles while he’s medicating himself, the controller (a dashing Jeff Daniels) is waiting to punish him, usually with a hammer and a spell. very painful. The well-behaved young Loopers, on the other hand, enjoy a privileged life of drugs and dames, Joe is learning French and tacks silver bars to the basement floors in hopes of escaping to a small retirement. anxious.

An assassin working in the chaotic landscape of the futuristic 2044 movie, Joe is faced with the task of killing his older self. Alan Markfield/Sony Pictures hides the text

An assassin working in the chaotic landscape of the futuristic 2044 movie, Joe is faced with the task of killing his older self.

Ten Years Later, ‘looper’ Is Worth Going Back In Time To Revisit

Then, predictably, he discovers that the next victim is Future Joe (Bruce Willis), a wily type who tries to convince Present Joe to help stop a child who will grow up to become the world’s equivalent of crime. that of Christ. What follows is an extended cat-and-mouse caper as the Joes hide from each other – and, in Joe’s present case, from the boss and his hammer – until everyone ends up in an isolated house. There, Emily Blunt is waiting with a shotgun, a passionate libido, and a boy from all over Damien.

It’s a consciously good-looking film, a profoundly silly film that nevertheless comes across as highly intelligent. That’s a trick, and it’s helped by Gordon-Levitt’s transformation from the soft charm of his earlier films to a hard case of eye-popping. Sometimes he has a weird, enhanced look like a video game avatar, but he never looks like he can grow up to be Bruce Willis. And that’s sad – because as we all know, there are worse fates. I love well-crafted travelogues. When I was twelve or thirteen, my father gave me a book of Murray Leinster’s classic time travel stories – I got used to life.

It’s a classic science fiction travelogue, yet handled in new and original ways. Time travel exists (or will be thirty years in the future), but once invented, it is immediately banned. So the only people who can get it are, of course, criminals. People who come back from the future and meet themselves – well, that doesn’t go as well as you’d expect, either. Since the looper returns from the future – his past can be imagined. He came from one possible future. . . when the memories of his life are more distant, and unlikely to happen, it is difficult to remember. Jeez, time travel theories make my head hurt.

The film primarily takes place in the “present” of 2044, in a depressed area of ​​Kansas. Things are bad for the poor, while those with money are quick to defend themselves with lethal force. Money can still buy what you want. Some people have even developed telekinetic abilities, but the abilities are no more than room tricks.

Why Looper Is One The Best Sci Fi Films In The Last 10 Years

There are flip-side scenes, too—set in the future where travel actually exists, so you can see what the fuss is about.

Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), like other young men with limited education, is hired as an employer—a lucrative job that intentionally requires no special skills and no special morals. ah. He lives like a rock star, with a hard partying lifestyle. One that sometimes kills people.

It has a laid-back feel that’s different from most scenes. With the exception of some luxury items (there is a motorcycle with a wonderful appearance, and the public library that has gone down looks different), it can be set in the past fifty or eighty years instead of the future. The prevalence of smoking has helped this – I’d like to think that in another thirty years, fewer young people will be smoking.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Joe Looper, and Bruce Willis, also as Joe, thirty years older, both give solid performances. They play well with each other to keep you engaged throughout the film. Emily Blunt (Sara) convinces as the devoted mother, accent and all. The fans are strong, but really, this is Joe’s story.

Looper (2012) Review By That Film Guy

The only thing that wasn’t really real was the relationship between Joe and Sara. It’s possible to get two people together and throw them in bed when they barely know each other and it works – just look at Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese in The Terminator – but the chemistry is lacking here. A few more videos together might have helped, but I’m shaking. It didn’t hurt my enjoyment of the movie.

Overall, a very satisfying story about how a man can change. . . and his future.

Now and then we hoped that if we lived and were good God would allow us to become pirates.

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Rian Johnson’s Looper Movie Review — Science Fiction Retrospective

Once the looper returns from the future – his past is relatable. He came from one possible future. . . when the memories of his life are more distant, and unlikely to happen, it is difficult to remember. Jeez, time travel theories make my head hurt. is a modern American sci-fi action that actually improves as it progresses through its narrative course. In the opening, we are introduced to Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), who explains in a voiceover that he works as an unusual type of contract killer in the early 2040s. Time travel doesn’t exist yet, but it will be invented soon enough to be outlawed quickly, and that will pave the way for a black market practice where criminal masterminds ship victims to the past and blow them up immediately. and burned by the same people. Joe. Amazingly paid in gold and silver bricks per corpse, the killers, or “loopers”, enjoy a lifestyle that most any young man would envy: handsome duds (styled, great humor, 20th century movies), readily available beautiful women, primo drugs, and lots of free time. It’s an ideal life for any young man who thinks he’ll live forever (that is to say, most young, free American men), but there is one macabre catch: These killers are called ‘loopers’ because finally it is, therefore to ensure the secrecy of this practice, required to “close their loop,” that is to say that the final result of their work is the future version of themselves.

Needless to say, this is a simple language, and does not include a number of other advantages, such as the existence of mild telekinesis, the practice of self-control, as well as a form of revenge to visit loopers if they Satisfy the last clause of their contract. If you’re familiar with Johnson’s previous films, Brick and the Bloom Brothers, then you could be forgiven for thinking that

It will collapse under the weight of gimmickry. The first act, boasting a nihilistic atmosphere influenced by the French crime scene, is also a bit of a monologue.

Brothers Bloom is hopelessly underrated, but there are moments in Brick that suggest a David Lynchian poem as a metaphor for youth abuse, a view greatly reinforced by Levitt’s heartbreaking work,

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