Serial Killers: True Crime Anthology (True Crime Collection Book 2)

Serial Killers: True Crime Anthology (True Crime Collection Book 2)


SAVE $24 – This (8) book True Crime Collection from bestselling author Jack Rosewood is packed with 8 grim true crime stories about serial killers. Original price almost $32! SAVE $24!

If a single Jack Rosewood book won’t keep you up at night, this blood-soaked anthology definitely will.

Eight of Rosewood’s most horrifying subjects are brought together in this twisted true crime boxed set, which brings to life stories that should be the stuff of nightmares, but unfortunately, are all too real.

Rosewood’s detailed true-life tales of terror include:

  • •Cousins David Alan Gore and Fred Waterfield, who found at an early age that both shared sick sexual fantasies of rape and murder and sought out victims to fulfill those fantasies;
  • •Australian serial killer Eric Edgar Cooke, who selected his victims and his methods of murder at random, shooting some, stabbing others, until he was finally hanged, the last man to face the gallows in Perth;
  • •William Heirens, who went from being the most popular boy in his class to a murderer who was completely out of a control, even going so far as to leave a desperate message at one scene, written in lipstick: “For heavens sake catch me before I kill more. I cannot control myself”;
  • •Belle Gunness, a stocky Norwegian woman who cold-bloodedly killed several of her children, husbands and suitors in order to obtain their life insurance policies and cash – or eliminate witnesses, burying most in wooden trunks beneath the hog pen;
  • • Joseph Paul Franklin, who confessed to the attempted murder of Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt and killed multiple others – most often interracial couples – as his own personal form of “racial cleansing,” inspired by reading Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”;
  • •John Christie, a slender but sadistic killer whose British flat was found stuffed with dead bodies including that of his own wife, who was discovered buried beneath the floorboards, when he was finally arrested in 1950s;
  • •Patrick Wayne Kearney, who killed young men hitching through California in the 1970s, usually with a bullet to the back of the head, then had sex with their dead bodies; and
  • •Jerry Brudos, who sadistically murdered several young women after torturing them in his family’s garage, saving ghoulish mementos including a foot he kept in the freezer, which he brought out like a toy in order to display it in stolen high heels, masturbating from the sheer pleasure of it all.

Combined, these eight true crime stories are nightmares come to life, and as you learn more about the people who killed as casually as stopping at the post office, you’ll likely find yourself with the lights on for a while, if only to keep dark shadows from leaping out of the corners of your room.

This True Crime Box Set includes the following books:

The Killing Cousins: The True Story of the Slaying Cousins
Eric Edgar Cooke: The True Story of the Night Caller
William Heirens: The True Story of the Lipstick Killer
Belle Gunness: The True Story of the Slaying Mother
Joseph Paul Franklin: The True Story of the Racist Killer
John Christie: The True Story of the Billington Place Strangler
Patrick Kearney: The True Story of the Freeway Killer
Jerry Brudos: The Shoe Fetish Slayer

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