The Bible Is The Black Man’s History book

The Bible Is The Black Man's History bookThe Bible Is The Black Man's History book


If you ever wanted IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE that black people wrote the Bible, you are looking at it! Anyone or group of people can claim to be the Lost Tribes of Israel. That is easy. But making such a claim does not mean it is true. Therefore, what separates the GENUINE Israelites from the wannabes is the EVIDENCE or PROOF they provide to support their claim. Sadly, there are reckless black people making such claims but when challenged for proof, they have nothing to show and come up short. Consequently, their blundering undermines our genuine Hebrew identity and turns it into a joke. Thus, because of their rash behaviour they cause huge damage to our black history. This book aims to arrest the damage done to our heritage by these less informed black people. It does so by providing the necessary evidence, which proves that large sections of the black race are the true Israelites. The PROOF/EVIDENCE provided in this book is quite unique. It is unlike anything you have read before and will ever read anywhere else. Also, it is comprehensive and designed to forever silence the critics. You will read information that nobody else knows but only the direct descendants of the ancient Israelites knows about. Thus, proving conclusively that we are indeed who we claim to be – the true children of Israel.

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