Ally’s Spiritual Journey: A Story of Beating the Odds and Surviving Surgery with Spiritual Healing

Ally's Spiritual Journey: A Story of Beating the Odds and Surviving Surgery with Spiritual Healing


Ally’s Spiritual Journey is a story about love, spiritual healing and beating the odds. Through Ally’s journey through illness and surgery the author, Mary Carol, discovered the Spiritual World which she explains has layers of Heaven, Hell, purgatory, our spiritual teachers and spirit guides. The Spiritual World was key to Ally’s healing and will be key to learning how to heal your own dog from sickness, anxiety, fear, abandonment, and abuse. This is ultimately a book about the spiritual side of life. How spirits, angels and guides are here to help humans and the animals. Mary Carol Ross guides the reader through the story of her little dog and the spirits that help heal her. Mary Carol informs the reader of their Spirit Guides, Heaven, Hell and touches on reincarnation. Mary Carol also guides the reader to the questions all animal lovers have: why animals are here, what happens when they die, and how they are here to help us. Ally’s Spiritual Journey will give you the tools and healing techniques you need to make sure that your animal will be in safe hands should they fall ill, including a chapter devoted to Helpful Tips for Better Pet Ownership. Mary Carol also gives the reader new insight into the Spiritual World, its members and how it is structured. She describes how this unseen world is there to assist us and how you can use that power to succeed in your daily life. Following Ally’s Spiritual Journey, Mary Carol tells the story of her little dog, Ally, who suffered a life-threatening illness that almost resulted in her death. During that time, none of the health practitioners thought she would survive. Amidst the heartache and pain of seeing her American Eskimo suffer, Mary Carol sent Ally healing energy daily. She prayed to God for guidance and asked for assistance from the Spiritual World for Ally’s care.

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