Clinical Chemistry: Theory, Analysis, Correlation

Clinical Chemistry: Theory, Analysis, Correlation


This comprehensive, up-to-date, readable text acts as a complete clinical chemistry course and professional reference, providing detailed, specific information on the principles of clinical chemistry in laboratory diagnosis as well as the pathophysiologic changes that occur in disease and affect testing outcomes. Explanations of Laboratory Techniques (Part 1) lead the reader through various necessary laboratory techniques and practices. Chapters on Pathophysiology (Part 2) provide descriptions of how specific diseases affect the human body. A companion CD-ROM packaged with the book features Methods of Analysis, a comprehensive Urinalysis Manual, and an interactive Study Guide/Workbook to reinforce concepts. The book’s clear writing and comprehensive coverage make it an ideal resource for both students and practitioners.

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  • A clear and concise writing style facilitates quick understanding and more effective exam preparation.
  • Comprehensive coverage addresses the full range of issues in clinical chemistry.
  • Unique new chapters on Addiction, The Transplant Patient, and Point-of-Care Testing discuss important clinical areas not covered in other books on the subject.
  • A complete bibliography and list of references direct the reader to reliable sources for further exploration of topics.
  • Each chapter begins with an outline and learning objectives, followed by a list of key terms designed to reinforce the most important information in each chapter and make it more memorable.
  • Figures and tables are placed as close as possible to the text to which they refer, to aid reader comprehension.
  • Relevant Internet sites direct the reader to additional online content that complements the topics discussed in each chapter.
  • A companion CD-ROM contains 123 Methods of Analysis, a Urinalysis Section, and a Study Guide/Workbook featuring over 700 questions and 30 case histories, bringing together practical pathophysiology laboratory problems and laboratory analysis.

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