Comprehensive Nursing Care in Multiple Sclerosis: Third Edition

Comprehensive Nursing Care in Multiple Sclerosis: Third Edition


This is an excellent resource for those caring for patients with MS. In addition to nurses, I could easily recommend this book to other physicians and, perhaps, even to patients.” Score: 91, 4 stars


This book represents the most current information on the care of the MS patientÖ.This will be an unparalleled resource for all nurses caring for MS patients and families.

-Amy Perrin Ross, APN, MSN, CNRN, MSCN

Among the many responsibilities of the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) nurse, perhaps the most important is to help patients devise, learn, and implement self-care strategies to improve their wellness and quality of life. Taking a fresh perspective on the complex role of the MS nurse, this comprehensive clinical reference demonstrates how nurses can change the lives of patients with MS.

This newly revised edition is completely reorganized, refocused, and updated throughout to provide a stronger focus on instilling hope in patients and helping them regain their independence. The special feature of this new edition is the incorporation of the Morgante Conceptual Framework of Hope, a model of care that helps nurses integrate the concept of hope into clinical practice. The book also illustrates how to deliver nursing care that is both culturally sensitive and life span appropriate.

Key features:

  • Uses detailed case studies to highlight the various roles of the MS nurse: the care provider, facilitator, advocate, educator, counselor, and innovator
  • Incorporates the Morgante Conceptual Framework of Hope into every chapter
  • Provides practical guidance on disease and symptom management, alternative medicine, sexuality and family planning, and pediatric patients
  • Discusses how to maximize the effectiveness of pharmacotherapeutics

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