Doctors Who Cure Cancer (Diseases and Physical Ailments: Cancer – Medical Oncology Book 1)

Doctors Who Cure Cancer (Diseases and Physical Ailments: Cancer   Medical Oncology Book 1)


Since over 150 Soviet and Russian doctors applied the Buteyko breathing technique on more than 50,000 of their patients, they noticed that early stages of cancer naturally disappear, if their patients improved their body oxygenation up to the medical norm.
These clinical observations resulted in an unique clinical trial on cancer patients organized by one of the Ukrainian physicians who applied the Buteyko method on 120 people with metastatic cancer.
The book “Doctors Who Cure Cancer” provides detailed analysis of the method since this is the most successful clinical trial in the whole history of cancer research. The tested cancer therapy was based on breathing retraining or teaching patients who to breathe in accordance with medical norms days and nights. Here are some details of this trial.

Early metastatic cancers are deadly, but even these cancers can be cured

For early stages of metastasis, the typical 3- or 5-year survival rate is usually about 70-80%. In this astonishing published clinical trial, the survival rate in the control group was about 76%. But 96% of people in the main group, which practiced breathing exercises (to increase body oxygenation), in addition to standard medical therapies, survived. Therefore, this self-oxygenation technique naturally reduced mortality almost 6 times!

Can we cure cancer naturally?

The trial was published in Ukrainian Oncology Journal (Kiev). This self-oxygenation method has been used by more than 160 Soviet and Russian medical doctors on over 200,000 patients, many of whom had cancers. Prior to this clinical trial, these Soviet and Russian MDs tested hundreds of people with cancers and found that all of them had heavy breathing pattern with low results for the DIY body oxygen test.

These doctors discovered that dynamic of cancer (stalemate, metastasis or regression of tumors) depends on breathing patterns and body oxygenation. They developed a program for cancer treatment that is based on simple breathing exercises and lifestyle changes.

Breathing parameters in people with cancer

Several Western studies (described in this book) measured minute ventilation, respiratory frequency and end-tidal CO2 in people with cancer. All these medical publications found that virtually each and every person with cancer:

breathed about 2 times more air per minute than the medical norm
had very low exhaled CO2 content (about 2 times less for people with metastasis)
had increased respiratory rate at rest (up to 30-40 breaths/min instead of normal 10-12 breaths/minute).

This is called “hyperventilation”. Overbreathing, according to hundreds of clinical studies, reduces O2 levels in body cells.

Review of other breathing therapies for treatment of cancer

Apart from the Buteyko method used by more than 150 doctors, this book reviews other techniques and breathing exercises that increase body oxygenation. The book suggests that people can cure cancer naturally if they normalize their automatic breathing and achieve about 40 seconds for the simple DIY body oxygen test.

Table of Contents

“Doctors Who Cure Cancer”
Chapter 1: Body oxygen: the key health factor
Chapter 2: Breathing norms vs. breathing in people with cancer
Chapter 3: Effects of overbreathing (hyperventilation)
Chapter 4: Why cancer is common now?
Chapter 5: Common CO2 uses for cancer treatment
Chapter 6: Ukrainian clinical trial: effects of breathing normalization on metastatic breast cancer
Chapter 7: Other self-oxygenation therapies
Chapter 8: Conclusions
About the author Dr. Artour Rakhimov

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