FRONTRUNNERS® Internal Medicine Board Review SYLLABUS 2019: Core Review for the ABIM Certification & Recertification Exams

By | April 1, 2019

FRONTRUNNERS® Internal Medicine Board Review SYLLABUS 2019: Core Review for the ABIM Certification & Recertification Exams


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2. HELPFUL TIP from FRONTRUNNERS® BOARD REVIEW: Our Internal Medicine Q&A Review was designed as the Q&A Companion to this Syllabus. Syllabus Core Review and Q&A books have been completely updated, fully revised and reflect the latest on the medicine. As the Publisher, we also offer deep discounts thru packages that incorporate these books along with other critical study aids and the Audio CD Syllabus and Slide Shows, straight out of our Weekend Marathon Review™.

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This is the actual syllabus for the Frontrunners Internal Medicine Board Review Course, out of New York and California. Frontrunners’ motto “When all you wanna know is what you GOTTA know!” reflects their realistic “this-is-what-you-have-to-know” philosophy toward medicine that has consistently resulted in TOP pass rates among its students on the ABIM CERTIFICATION & RECERTIFICATION exams each year. The course has been widely and enthusiastically embraced for its unconventional, no-nonsense approach to internal medicine board review. Unfortunately, thousands of physicians, wanting to be board-certified, are simply unable to attend a formal board review course due to time or geographic constraints. For those physicians especially this book will be a welcome review. In addition, the syllabus core review and full-color slides, precisely as presented, are available on CD and can be shipped out directly to physicians who simply can’t make those weekend reviews. Call 866-MDBOARDS or 866-IMREVIEW 24×7.


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