Hackathons Unboxed

Hackathons Unboxed


How much do you know about hackathons, besides the fact that they are highly intense sessions where teams of “hackers” compete to create a game-changing business solution? Whether a potential organiser, a future participant, or just wondering what else you need to break out of the conventional, this book is for you.

Hackathons Unboxed takes you behind the scenes, to unpack the seeming magic that gives birth to groundbreaking ideas in just three short days. There are in fact a series of repeatable steps — a well-researched methodology that anybody can follow. But we don’t just hack in a vacuum. More than repeating principles such as human-centered design and experimentation, this book addresses the real-world constraints, the unforeseen that may pop up — and how to tackle them.

Above all, it will show you the link back to your business needs. All this is done to get your hackathon feeling more like a thriller with a happy ending, instead of three lost days. So dive right in, and let’s start hacking!

Hackathons Unboxed | | 4.5