I Have MS. What’s Your Super Power?

I Have MS. Whats Your Super Power?


Paris Book Festival Runner Up Best How-to Book
Reader’s Favorite International Book Award Finalist
London Book Festival Honorable Mention

Life-changing events bring out a super power that each of us needs to survive. Many look to their faith, families, friends, and each of them–in their own way–provide a strength that bonds into a shield of protection that allows surviving the unthinkable. This amazing story shows how absolutely tough those afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis have to be. Multiple Sclerosis is an insidious disease that affects 200,000 to 3 million people per year around the world. Lisa McCombs writes her personal experience with “no holds barred” to help others and their families cope with MS. Touching, heart wrenching, and yes, even humorous at times, this is a book you won’t easily forget, and you will see Lisa’s super power shining through

I Have MS. What’s Your Super Power? | | 4.5