MKSAP (R) 18 General Internal Medicine

MKSAP (R) 18 General Internal MedicineMKSAP (R) 18 General Internal Medicine


In these pages, you will find updated information on routine care of the healthy patient; patient safety and quality improvement; professionalism and ethics; palliative medicine; common symptoms, including chronic pain, medically unexplained symptoms, dyspnea, cough, fatigue and systemic exertion intolerance disease, dizziness, syncope, insomnia, and lower extremity edema; musculoskeletal pain; dyslipidemia; obesity; men’s and women’s health; eye disorders; ear, nose, mouth, and throat disorders; mental and behavioral health; geriatric medicine; perioperative medicine; and other clinical challenges, including 168 all-new peer-reviewed, psychometrically validated, multiple-choice questions (MCQs) for self-assessment and study. MKSAP (R) 18 is specifically intended for physicians who provide personal, non-surgical care to adults, including general internists and primary care physicians, subspecialists who need to remain up-to-date in internal medicine, residents preparing for the Certification Exam in internal medicine, physicians preparing for the Maintenance of the Certification Exam in internal medicine, and medical educators. The learning objectives of MKSAP (R) 18 are: – Close gaps between actual care in your practice and preferred standards of care, based on best evidence. – Diagnose disease states that are less common and sometimes overlooked or confusing. – Improve management of comorbid conditions that can complicate patient care. – Determine when to refer patients for surgery or care by subspecialists. – Pass the ABIM Certification Examination and the ABIM Maintenance of Certification Examination.

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