Research Methods in Psychology: A Handbook

Research Methods in Psychology: A Handbook


Suitable as a primary text or as a supplement, this versatile handbook is ideal for any research-oriented psychology course. Each chapter independently covers a commonly used research method, giving instructors the flexibility to tailor the book to meet the needs of their courses. Chapter outlines, concept questions and exercises (along with a selected set of answers), lists of important terms and concepts, and clearly written explanations of basic statistical techniques are among the book’s many notable features. Basic guidelines of how to write, format, and publish research results emphasize a hands-on approach to conducting psychological research. The Third Edition includes a new full chapter on literature searches and more information on the Internet’s role in various facets of research.

Schweigert’s clear, succinct writing style, her focus on the fundamentals of research design, and her thorough coverage engage students who are at all levels of exposure to research methods. In the end, all students will learn to embrace the ethics and process of collecting and presenting useful, accurate data.

Not-for-sale instructor resource material available to college and university faculty only; contact publisher directly.

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Research Methods in Psychology: A Handbook | | 4.5