Slaying Cancer: A Survivor’s Prayer Journal: To Get You Through the Tough Times

Slaying Cancer: A Survivors Prayer Journal: To Get You Through the Tough Times


This journal will allow you to reflect on your own personal cancer journey in a healthy way. Reflection is crucial while going through such a traumatic experience. This journal gives space to reflect upon your diagnosis, your treatment and ultimately remission. This unique journal has included scripture references of healing and faith to meditate upon while you give voice to your pain and triumphs. There is also an area to record personal prayers and an area to recall how God responds to your prayers. An area is provided to keep all Dr’s appointments handy with your providers contact information. This journal is compact enough that it can be carried to all your doctor’s appointments along with space to record treatment plans. You can also record current symptoms you may be experiencing, side effects if any, and all list of medications. An area to log blood pressure readings and weight loss/gain logs is conveniently provided to keep track of your fitness goals. This journal also gives room to ask questions to your medical team about your progress. Unlike other journals, this one not only gives you space to record your feelings about your diagnosis but also walks you through the recovery and healing process with scripture to meditate. Prayer is key and fundamental to healing and this journal serves as a reminder of God’s healing power on each page encouraging the reader that our Lord is able to provide both physical and spiritual healing and wants to do that for you. God’s promises are yea and His promises offer greater rewards, a brighter future and hope in Him! This journal will inspire encourage, strengthen, and comfort you as you focus on God’s healing virtues.

Slaying Cancer: A Survivor’s Prayer Journal: To Get You Through the Tough Times | | 4.5