The Soul’s Plan & Purpose

The Soul's Plan & Purpose


Now it’s here, the exciting new book on the Soul’s Plan & Purpose! There is a moment in each of our lives in which we ask ourselves, “What is my purpose?” It is an innate desire for all to know why we alive. In this book, Source/God gives us pivotal new information regarding the soul’s purpose, purposes or plan. Everyone has a soul purpose. All lives have reason, purpose and meaning. This book will assist you in understanding the simplicity and complexities of your life. It will assist you in finding out where you may have deviated from or delayed your path. It will inspire you to take a good look at yourself, where you have been, and what you may need to do to fulfill your soul’s purpose. Included are original Life Maps of eight individuals, including Diane and Elliott. In viewing their maps, the reader will be able to compare their maps against the actual events and occurrences of their lives up until now. You will be able to see how closely they have followed their map or deviated from it, thus gaining insight into how personal choices and decisions can affect the course of one’s life.

The Soul’s Plan & Purpose | | 4.5