Walk of Hope: One Woman’s Journey with Multiple Sclerosis

Walk of Hope: One Woman's Journey with Multiple SclerosisWalk of Hope: One Woman's Journey with Multiple Sclerosis


Christine started out life running. Active in softball, cheerleading and any other sport she could find time to fit in her schedule, she trusted her young, lean body to carry her through exciting and wonderful adventures. But when her body turned on her, it would force her to make a critical decision: give up or else. Christine chose “or else,” and shares her story of a journey into Multiple Sclerosis and her daily decision to survive. Giving up was always a temptation, because living with MS is a battle that never ends; and a body just gets tired. Christine shares some very raw and personal moments throughout this book and how she manages to work through them, all the while keeping her focus on God’s plan for her life and the hope and peace that can be found in Him. Walk of Hope reveals the mind and heart of a Multiple Sclerosis survivor, and how hope can make the mind and heart overcome the physical body for anyone experiencing similar physical disabilities.

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