Diseases, Diagnosis and Treatment (The Nervous System Book 2)

Diseases, Diagnosis and Treatment (The Nervous System Book 2)


Are you preparing for the USMLE or the NCLEX-RN? or perhaps another type of test? or just trying to review your knowledge about the pathophysiology, diagnoses and treatment of different body disorders and diseases. Medical information is dynamic and it changes on a daily basis. It is essential to all healthcare professionals. It is also an inseparable tool in delivering quality of care. Sufficient knowledge regarding diagnosis, treatment and the disorder/disease at hand is a must for safety and quality.

The volumes in this series and this particular book contain medical information that provides reference for healthcare professionals. Each volume presents a brief overview of anatomy and physiology, discussions about the pathophysiology of diseases with their common diagnostic procedures and treatment, a glossary with pronunciation guide, and quizzes/tests are located at the end of the book to assist the users of this text.

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