Popular Alternative Medicine Therapies

Popular Alternative Medicine Therapies


Do you want to try alternative medicine but don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you are looking for relief from ongoing aches and pains and want an affordable alternative to conventional health care.
Are you ready to try something new? Today, Sixty-two percent (and that number continues to grow) of the US population use some form of alternative medicine, and rising health care costs have pushed a number of Americans off the orthodox medical path.
The first time I experimented with alternative medicine was when I became nauseous while watching television and instinctively placed my fingers on my wrist. To my surprise the nausea went away, almost immediately. It was then that I realized I was on to something and after googling alternative ways to alleviate sickness and pain I found that what I had done was called acupressure. I became obsessed with finding out everything I could about acupressure. Learning about acupressure stirred a desire within me to learn about various therapies in non-conventional healing. And so I began my quest to study as many alternative medicine methods as I could find.
This book contains 18 of the most popular methods of Alternative medicine treatment in the United States as well as an explanation of each therapy’s intended use.
The book includes: acupuncture, Ayurveda, affirmation, aromatherapy, dance, deep breathing, emotional flooding/tapping, guided imagery, homeopathy, massage therapy, meditation, naturopathy, natural and dietary supplements, prayer, qi gong, reiki, tai chi and yoga.
It’s time to start feeling better. Download a sample or buy now and start your adventure in better health.


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