7 Essentials for Life: Simple Lifestyle Hacks for Optimal Health & Vitality

7 Essentials for Life: Simple Lifestyle Hacks for Optimal Health & Vitality


Best-selling author, Doctor of Chiropractic and wellness expert Dr. Jim Claussen offers an introduction to the fundamental elements of taking good care of your body, mind and soul. He champions an alternative to conventional medicine that may help you save time at the doctor’s office and money spent on prescription drugs.

Are you tired of spending lots of money on prescription drugs? Modern medicine asks us to believe that there is a pharmaceutical solution to every ailment. Prescription drugs come with a host of side effects and many doctors prescribe more pills to alleviate them. This “medication myth” leads to daily drug regimens that only address the surface symptoms and prevent the body from doing its best work — self-healing.

In believing in the “medication myth”, we have forgotten the most remarkable feature of the human body. It can repair, heal, and make itself whole without the interference of a host of prescription drugs. The key is to give the body what it needs in order to achieve this miracle.

In Seven Essentials for Life, Dr. Jim offers a straightforward approach to achieving your best health without over reliance on prescription drugs and conventional medical wisdom. He encourages you to take back control of your wellness by addressing seven fundamental domains of healthy living: food, drink, exercise, rest, breathing, thinking, and allowing. For each domain, he shares uncomplicated wisdom and simple practices to support your body, mind, and soul.

Every path to health and wellness is unique and no matter where you are on your journey, Dr. Claussen provides a new perspective that asks you return to the basics. Health and wellness can be simple, affordable, and achievable if you start with the fundamentals of nourishing your body, mind and soul.

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