The Power of the Educated Patient: Proven Strategies for Reclaiming Your Health and Well-Being That You Won’t Find in a Conventional Medical Office

The Power of the Educated Patient: Proven Strategies for Reclaiming Your Health and Well-Being That You Won't Find in a Conventional Medical Office


  • Are you searching for simple, sustainable strategies for healing, health and happiness?
  • Have you tried numerous diets and treatments only to be left:
    • Exhausted, confused and frustrated by the lack of results?
    • Concerned about the side effects of prescription medications?

  • Are you looking for evidence of the power of Alternative and Integrative Medicine approaches that you can implement and share with your family and friends or with your patients and clients?

This information-packed reference book offers the wisdom, strategies and stories of over 20 health experts who started their professional paths after overcoming their own health challenges.

Unable to find solutions within the conventional medical system, our storytellers embarked on their own health journeys and discovered alternative healing strategies that allowed them to heal.

They share their proven tactics and fundamental principles that guided them to recovery.
They empower us by illuminating the path they took, so we can apply what they learned to our own health and well-being.

We all become patients at some point in our lives.
We may visit the doctor’s office for an annual physical exam.
We might be sick and need help getting better.

Whatever the case, we all deserve the best healthcare there is — healthcare that not only helps us overcome our diseases but also enables us to get and stay strong and healthy.

The Power of the Educated Patient is designed to educate and empower you as a patient.
As an empowered patient you become your own best health advocate!
As your own health advocate – you determine and choose what works best for you from both Alternative and Conventional Medicine.
Propel your road to recovery with these choices and let them take you all the way to your most vibrant health and joyful life!

This book will:

Educate and Empower You
Every person interviewed for this book sought help from conventional and unconventional medical establishments, and each system delivered dramatically different experiences.

Typically only integrative doctors or practitioners provided the interviewees with the

  • TIME to explain what they felt was wrong
  • ATTENTION that made them feel like they were being listened to and HEARD
  • TEAM approach as the practitioner worked alongside WITH them

Save You Time
No more wasted precious moments looking in the wrong places for the wrong treatments.

Guide You
Many of the people had to search for years for a proper diagnosis. And one can’t get the right treatment if they don’t know what they are treating. That’s why each story in the book is followed by a list of symptoms and general information about the condition, so you may recognize the condition you or someone you know is suffering from.

Surprise You
Initially, many people sincerely believed that the pain or discomfort they were experiencing was NORMAL. It was their destiny to suffer and nothing could make them feel better except taking a drug for short-term relief.

Inspire You!
Learning how others heal themselves significantly boosts your confidence to start your own journey towards recovery!

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